How to Download and Install Xcode 11 on macOS Catalina


To make a product or item, you need certain kind of machine, tools and environment. In the same way for developing an iOS application we need specific type of system, tools and software. Following are three ultimate required components for making any iOS mobile application.

  1. An intel-based MAC
  2. An Apple Developer Account (Free or Paid)
  3. XCode

So, here in this article we will elaborate xcode 11 download process and how to install xcode 11 on macOS Catalina. It is the second part of iOS development tutorial for beginners.

Now let us discuss the mandatory components for xcode 11 downloading process.

An Intel-Based MAC – Step 1:

Before buying any MAC machine, the question arises in everybody’s mind, that should I buy MAC Mini, MAC Book or iMAC. Well, it all depends upon your budget and choice. It is always the simple rule of thumb that you should buy the latest MAC machine. But if you are too choosy or low at budget and want to buy used one or have some old system available at home, then you should focus on the device model.  The model of particular machine is most important. Basically, whether the given tool chain or development set up can be installed on a particular machine or not, is based upon given model.

For this go to “” and check the latest macOS version.

xcode 11 os requirements - macOS Catalina


On this screen scroll down to “see if your Mac can run macOS Catalina” section for xcode 11 hardware requirements.

xcode 11 hardware requirements


From here, you can see the complete list of all devices, which are compatible to latest macOS.  Now lets us check the macOS version of our system. For this from Apple Logo to “About This MAC”

xcode 11 mac download

Here our system is MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017), having 16 GB of memory,

mac os catalina requirements

From the hardware requirement section for latest macOS, our device is compatible with provided list of machines. Now we conclude that our MAC Machine version should be compatible with macOS Catalina 10.5, means it should be able to install or update to required OSX version.

Now lets us check whether, we have the latest macOS installed on our device. For this, in this pop-up menu click the “Software Updates” button.

macos update catalina

If the system has latest macOS, it will show that our system has latest macOS installed. If not then update macOS to latest version, which will take less than one hour and MAC will be up to dated.

How to Create Apple Developer Account Free Step – 2:

Apple ID is a way of registering yourself as a developer to Apple developer portal. It will allow you to access development tools like XCode, SDK, sample source codes and SDK. There are two ways to get membership,

  • Free: By creating a free Apple ID account you still have access to download all essential development components, have limited access to Apple features in application and can also test application on real device.
  • Paid: If you want to publish your app to test flight or App store for distribution, then it is mandatory to get enrolled in Apple Developer program. It will also allow to use and test Apple advance features like Siri Kit, Apple Pay Suppression, In-App Purchasing, iCloud access and two tickets of technical support from Apple as per annual fee. It will cost $99 for individual and $299 for an organization for Apple developer program enrollment.

What should I choose, Free or Paid membership??

Well, the answer is Free, if you are just beginner or starting out for iOS mobile application development, then get free Apple ID account, have some hands on and when your application development will reach to some good level, where you feel need to upload or distribute to App Store or to use advance Apple features in application, then you can buy paid membership. For the most of the development process and material can be learned with the comfort of Free account.

How to Create Apple ID:

Currently we are focusing on Free Apple Developer Account, for this you just need an active email account.  Following are simple steps for generating an Apple ID account.

  • Open Safari browser and go to website “”.
  • From menu click on “Account” option.

Apple Developer Agreement

  • Now in this login page, click on the “Create yours now”.

How to create an Apple developer account?

  • You will be navigated to a simple application form, just fill it according to following sequence,
  1. First Name: Enter your first name
  2. Second Name: Enter your second name.
  3. Country: Select your country from drop down menu.
  4. Date of Birth: Enter your valid date of birth.
  5. Apple ID: Enter your active email address. This email id will be served as Developer Apple ID after wards.
  6. Password: Enter desired strong password, which must have eight or more characters, lower case and upper case and have at least one number., write the same password in confirm password field.
  7. Security Questions: Apple provides three security questions, which will be asked later in case, if you want to reset or forgot password or try to login on new device. This is a way of avoiding malicious activity. Just select your favorite question from drop down and write answers. For safety reason write down your questions and answers, so that if Apple ask your security questions and answers, you can write exact response to do desired action.
  8. At the end, write the captcha and review your entered info.
  9. we have half form like this,

Enter bio data, Apple ID, password, security questions

ii) and another half form like this,

setting up a developer account

k) At the end, write captcha and press “Continue” button.

l) Now, Apple will send six digits verification code on your given email.

Verify Apple ID email address

m) Enter that code and press continue button.

Xcode Free Apple Developer Account

n) Accept/check the Apple License and agreement and press submit button.

developer agreement

o) Now the Apple ID has been successfully created and you will be navigated to main dashboard. We can find essential documentation for iOS App development and Download tools i-e XCode , we can download XCode from here and manually install into MAC, but the recommended option is to install it through App Store and will be discussed in next section.

How to Install XCode – Step 3:

This is the final step of our development set up. we can either install XCode directly from App Store or can download from developer portal and install manually. But we will focus on installing XCode from App Store.

Now open the App store and sign in with your newly created Apple ID and password.

download xcode app store

Now App Store will prompt us that this is freshly created Apple ID and never used in App Store or iTunes. Simply click on “Review” button.

app store review apple id

Now check the License and Agreement option and press continue button.

app store license agreement

Now enter billing information, don’t worry, you do not need credit or debit card in this free ID. Simply select None option in Payment method. Enter billing address and press enter button.

app store billing info

Finally, every thing is set up perfectly, and we can use our ID to access Apple services and tools.

Apple ID Developer Account Final Step

Now let us Install XCode, for this search XCode in App Store Search Bar and Press enter.

app store xcode get button

You can click on XCode to check further details. Now click on “Get” button, it will turn into Green “Install” button. Click Install button to start downloading process. It will again demand Apple ID and password simply enter again ID and password to continue.

app store xcode install button

XCode is fairly large file approximately above 6 GB, it will take time to download and install system. We can see the overall progress by seeing circular loading bar.   After completing downloading and installing, the loading bar will be turned out into “Open” button.

xcode open app store

Close the App Store app and go to Launch Pad, we can see the XCode app icon along with all other apps and click the XCode to open it. Because we repeatedly have to use it in all iOS development tutorials, so it is best practice to click drag it to the Dock panel. So that next time we will launch it from dock.

xcode 11 dock library

XCode set up will prompt you to accept “License and Agreement”. Click Agree button.  Enter the Password of MAC Machine.

xcode install additional required components

XCode will install essential components,

xcode install additional components

After installing components, finally you can see the welcome screen of XCode. Currently we have installed the latest version of XCode 11.1.

xcode 11 mac app store


In this tutorial we have learned, how to set up to dated tool chain for iPhone Application development. We have narrowed down our choice for compatible MAC Machine, updated macOS to latest version, created developer Apple ID and then finally learned how to download and install Xcode 11 on macOS Catalina.


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